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How do I arrange the dates?

After receiving the approval from both sides, you would be able to propose your preferred dates and time to meet at a location of your choice from a list of suggested venues.

To ease the arrangement process, you are able to select 3 dates and times with your suggested restaurant that will be sent to your match. Your match will then receive a notification via email and they will be able to accept a proposed date and time. If your match cannot make it on the suggested date and time, another 3 date and time options would be sent to you for your consideration. Pressing the select and accept button will send a notification to your match that you have accepted the date. Once both of you have agreed on a convenient date and time, you could arrange for a suitable venue for your date.

Once everything is confirmed, you would be able to view the confirmed details in your account.

After which all you just need is to turn up and enjoy your date!

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